Friday is coming, which means it’s time for us to have some fun online again while InnoHub is in quarantine. We invite you to join for a Game night event TOP-5 Board Games: for two, for kids and for the group.

We will take a dive into the world of board games. We have compiled a selection of 5 non-trivial and interesting games:

  • for two – especially relevant during the necessary social distance;
  • for children – to entertain your kids during quarantine;
  • for the group – to plan time together with friends after quarantine and have time to figure out the rules;


Dmytro Dmyterko  became passionate with board games in 2015 and since then spent almost every weekend playing a variety of games: from “Cow 007” to “Game of Thrones”. In 2018, he joined the club and board game store, which he is currently helping as a volunteer.

When: April 3, 5:00 PM

Where: online (the link will be available in the event).