The ultimate guide to acing your technical interview
Competencies List
It’s important to be prepared for interviews and we want to give you the tools to do so. This will help you to be successful! During your interview, we look for values that are important for our Culture.
During the course of your interviews, you’ll meet individuals who come from different functions within our organization and they may be unrelated to the position you apply for. The following areas are what we value most. You should have more than one example of where you exemplify these values. Best of luck!
Take Ownership
Willing, responsible, accountable and able to re-invent. Did you take responsibility to solve the problems you see? Did you take the initiative to stand up and take ownership? Were you trusted by others to not sit back but follow through on things that you took ownership of? Did you set the tone that others follow your example? Can you demonstrate where you have taken calculated risks?
Helicopter View
Distancing from emotional situations allows for clear and rational thoughts. Did you understand the business and its goals for which you were building your product? Did you think big or were you focused on what you saw? Did you consider the business goal every time you put pen to paper? Did you exhibit the desire to learn more and go beyond and validate assumptions? Did you look at the consequence of your actions or the actions of those around you? Did you take the initiative to acquire the knowledge necessary to be relevant in today's market?
Unfamiliar environments require resourcefulness to overcome difficulties. Sometimes we need to change mid-course, did you demonstrate flexibility in the face of demands of the business? Did you change your mind mid-course, why, can you back up your decision? Were you hesitant to a necessary change, was your point of view heard? Did others perceive you as someone that embraced the change? Can you demonstrate where you have been a change leader?
Life changes and ideas grow from challenges and inspiration. What have you done that demonstrates your collaborative nature? Have you helped or mentored others, have you taken on something that requires you to work with others that you ordinarily wouldn’t, either within your organization or outside of it? Have you used the skills you have learned in your everyday work? How have you measured the success of your collaboration?
Creativity is the art of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Have you taken the initiative to improve the product or service you are building or the processes that lay the foundation for how you build your product? Perhaps it was a new approach to solving an old problem or maybe it’s a brand you space that you or your organization has yet to explore? What was your idea? Where did you dream it up from? What prompted you? What data did you gather to support your idea, and why? Did you identify how you might show how successful the idea would be if it was brought to bear? Were you ultimately successful?
Personal Excellence
Take your best qualities and raise them above the standards. Are you detail-oriented? Do you peel off the onion rings to get to the heart of the problem and reduce or eliminate ambiguity? Do you articulate that you can be relied on to clearly describe the problem, its root cause, and propose the solution? Are you on point with your proposals? Do you propose simple and efficient solutions that are respectful of the business needs?
Lead by Example
Great leaders are simplifiers that instill confidence in others. What have you done to position yourself as a role model? Do others expect to watch what you do with great anticipation? Are you always the one that raises their hand to not only identify problems but to offer solutions and resolve them? Are you building connections throughout your organization to drive the business forward? And do you empower others without your organization to succeed?
Customer First
Emotional relationships should have no barriers. Have you taken the initiative to understand the customers' business? Have you put yourself into the shoes of the customers? Have you been passionate about a problem to the point that you convinced the customer to follow your approach? Have you proposed and brought to fruition an idea such an enhancement or new capability to drive the customers' business forward? Have you stepped into unfamiliar territory to help the customer?
Result Oriented
Recognize what is the most important outcome rather than actions or process. What was the goal of your latest endeavor? How did it fit into your companies goals? Did you clearly communicate what your goal was to your peers and stakeholders? Did you lose sight of the goal at any time? How did you know you were focused on the result? Were you successful? What were the most important activities? If you could do over what might you have focused on first?