driving skills and expertise

areas of professional development

Life-long learning

We focus on a life-long learning journey, which includes blended programs starting from onboarding, professional adaptation, development programs, and company knowledge base that remain accessible for employees all the time.

Soft skills development

We believe that technical expertise is not enough for professional career growth. Thus, our workshops include the development of such skills as effective communication, emotional intelligence, personal excellence, сollaboration, creative thinking, design thinking, presentation skills, and negotiation techniques, etc.

Hard skills development

Our engineers have teamed up in professional communities to share practical cases and help each other to solve technical issues. We have ten chapters: Front-end, Back-end, Mobile, Gaming, QA, UI/UX, Business Analysis, TPM (Technical Program Management), SDM (Software Development Management), and People Management.

Management development program

We encourage our people to grow from Senior to Team Lead or Manager within the company via our Management Development Program (MDP). MDP is a dynamic system-wide training program designed to enhance and strengthen leadership capabilities in Innovecs’ core competencies.
Cross-cultural communication
We provide our employees with English classes of different levels and directions: general, business and IT English.

build your career path

From the first day at Innovecs, we propose our people a career roadmap with a set of professional development opportunities.

Get Certified in Your Expert Area

We encourage our employees to apply for certification by area of focus and skill level to prove their expertise and get the recognition.
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