Work hard, play harder at Innovecs

1 Серпня, 2020 3 хвилин читання

Cool techie thirsty for inspiring social interaction? Well, then it’s what we have in common. Here at Innovecs, we have not only breathtaking professional opportunities but also cool social communities. Meet your colleagues as co-players in kicker and mates in CS:GO/ hockey league/ Bundesliga. Up for you to decide! Run or adventures addict – knock on our door, we’ve got that too! Feel like becoming zen? Then welcome to our yoga! Are you into other entertainments? Don`t be shy, we are open to new ideas.

You get it, right? Avoid bore-out and burn-out – take time out and chill out. Boost your energy and get inspiration for a new line of code. With Innovecs lots of fun and relaxation guaranteed!




Ready for a face-off?

Join our CEO on ice and blow off some steam.

Very soon Innovecs team will have some rough games with opponents from the amateur league.

Our army needs you, man.





“That day, for no particular reason, I decided to go for a little run”, — that’s not Forrest Gump, that’s us.

Whether it’s a race or morning offline and online jog, we get connected and unite our heartbeats.

With a caring pacer, let’s speed up together, and complete challenges over the NRC app.

If you are all about running — pop in.




Dynamic days, a billion tasks, and lots of brainstorming? Cut yourself some slack.

Breathe in and breathe out. Go meditate. That’s how we drop calmly into work three times a week. Tune in. Our yoga coach will guide you through asanas.

Whether you are a freshman or can tie yourself in a knot — you’re welcome.






We are Innovecs extreme fanatics, and we are adrenalin addicts. We know you are too.

Which is why we want you.

Whether it is winter skiing or summer rafting, our crew welcomes like-minded people who take life and shake it like a tree.

Invest your mischief — apply!





Old school, mate.

Once upon a time, our senior developer Ihor launched the kicker community.

Now it is a robust club where we have tournaments, win cups, and root for our best players.

Join and get on the scoresheet! 





For those who practice Friends TV show binge-watching for the 500th time — jump in.

Acting class is a mixture of good stuff.

Here you can become Rachel or Fibs, act out scenes from the show, practice your English, and give your hidden talent a shot.





This is Lera. Lera is hip. She is Innovecs TikTok hero.

Lera wants to find guys in sync to create content about programmers’ life, what it takes to be one.

Probably you might be the one to have all we need: programming and Java skills plus a killer sense of humor. Are you?

Drop us a line then.





Are you excellent in a match, can snipe 5 opponents within 360⁰ scope and defuse the bomb in the last seconds saving the team?

Then you are a true hero, just like our reckless team of the Counter-Strike.

Would you be the one to bring them to the next victory? Or perhaps to score the final goal for our own FIFA team?

Get aboard!



In fact, we have much more wonderful opportunities for you. So grab your chance and apply already today!

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