Senior С++ Engineer
About the client

Our company is a highly successful brokerage firm fully built online (software), with traders using Mobile and Web-based front-ends to trade successfully across multiple exchanges. Due to the growth experienced in the past year, and the challenges encountered in the existing networks, we are building a highly scalable and reliable architecture 'Core-Platform' to accommodate the explosive growth encountered as such. In addition, based on user requests, we are continuously expanding our horizon to enable our customer based to reach out to newer pastures (exchanges). All code will be written from SCRATCH, based on an already created architecture. No legacy code. Using the latest C++ standards.

  • Ability to convert (Explicit) High-level Requirements into (Implicit) Detailed Requirements for building the core-Platform;
  • Ability to constantly ask questions in areas where requirements are not fully laid out;
  • Ability to work with Senior engineers of the group in an entrepreneurial environment;
  • Benchmarking and optimizing new and existing trading infrastructure;
  • Developing and maintaining new market data, order entry handlers, real-time position and risk managements systems;
  • Developing and maintaining a real-time position and risk management systems;
  • Collaboratively working with a team.
  • 7+ years of experience developing applications in C++ (with at least 4 years of C++ 11);
  • Experience with parallel, concurrent, and multi-threaded programming;
  • In-depth knowledge of working on G++ and/or CLANG on Linux (Ubuntu), and bash automation scripting;
  • std::threads (multi-threading);
  • Boost::asio experience (or equivalent Socket Programming);
  • ThreadPool, ObjectPool, Caching of data (to avoid New/Delete in critical path);
  • Working with BINARY protocols (SBE, or Google ProtoBuf) for inter-process RPC calls/payload;
  • Experience in Recursion (Sorting/Searching/Caching) template based algorithms;
  • std::traits, std::type_info, and re-usable template-programming;
  • Experience with SocketProgramming (especially WebSockets);
  • Experience working with Redis (cluster), and Kafka (cluster);
  • Ability to create Reliable/HA (High-availability) systems that can scale.
What we love about Innovecs
  • High-level compensation and regular performance-based salary and career development reviews;
  • Medical insurance (health), employee assistance program;
  • Paid vacation, holidays and sick leaves;
  • Gym 24/7, personal fitness instructor;
  • Massage in the office, personal wellness consultant;
  • English classes with native speakers and partially or fully reimbursed personal trainings and conferences;
  • Referral program;
  • Team buildings and a lot of fun to take a break and relax.
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