Senior Software Engineer (Linux Kernel)
Required Skills
Linux: strong

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We are a global digital transformation tech company with over a decade of history. Let numbers speak for ourselves: 13 locations on a world map, 60+ projects, and 100+ clients served. You will be able to work with us in Fintech, Healthtech, Supply Chain, Logistics, High Tech, Trading and Banking, Warehouse Management and Automation, Blockchain, Data, and AI from our offices worldwide or remotely. Based on our policies, we work as solid vendors representing only the final result. Individually, we may be engineers, testers, designers, product managers, and more. But together, we're one team. Due to our flat structure, you can bring your ideas and approaches to life and figure out all your objectives within the team or even become a part of the core team because, for us, people are always above all. 

Our value to you

- People first, then processes. Whatever the projects you work on, you’ll face the team’s openness and loyalty, whether you talk to the Middle Engineer or Delivery Director, because people relationship is our foremost principle.
- We reject micromanagement. You are responsible for your results, and you choose whether to grow vertically or horizontally.
- Your versatile growth matters to us. Get ready shine as an expert via technical articles, public conferences, lectures, and thought leadership
- Knowledge sharing. We discuss our wins and failures at all-hands events; share our experiences on mentorship programs, and grow professionally guided by a personal development plan.
- Technical quality is the key to success. We value and encourage our experts who contribute to the development of products due to well-being and learning programs, because the high quality of our work is #1 priority.
- Reliable workplace. You’ll get attractive compensation pegged to the U.S. dollar.
- Support on all stages. From the preparation programs for global certification (AWS, ISTQB, Unity, Scrum, etc.) to paid maternity/paternity leaves and your manager’s reliable backing.
- Sense of belonging. We have 13 communities where you will enjoy your hobbies with like-minded people. From cooking to mindfulness — practice what you love and explore yourself.
- Free sports classes whenever you want. Running, chess, yoga, or online workouts with fitness coaches – choose yours and take it away.
- Healthcare and well-being. Private health insurance, sick leave, vacation, and holidays.
- English classes. Take your speech and writing to a new level.
- Celebrate the lifestyle. Virtual and offline social activities and occasional gifts.

Must have:

  • 5+ years of hands-on experience in Linux kernel development and debugging;
  • Master of low-level C development in Linux kernel, with vast experience in performance-sensitive code and a solid understanding of the VFS, page cache & file system concepts;
  • Familiarity with kernel development methodologies and kernel structure, as well as experience in developing kernel modules;
  • Top-notch experience in the Linux Kernel Driver model & development;
  • Lock/lockless synchronization between kernel space & userspace;
  • Broad knowledge and understanding of Linux internals, kernel subsystems (Memory Management, IO, Storage, Networking), and kernel crash and core analysis skills;
  • Knowledge of IO tools and performance benchmarks using standard tools;
  • A deep understanding of threading and locking mechanisms;
  • A highly motivated and independent engineer with a positive attitude, a creative and open mind, and fluency in English.

Nice to have:

  • A background in working with the Linux kernel community;
  • Experience contributing/up-streaming/maintaining kernel code;
  • Knowledge of storage subsystems, storage stack, and protocols (NVMe, NFS, Samba, filesystems), along with development experience with enterprise-grade storage solutions;
  • Experience hacking complex open-source projects.

What you'll be doing:

  • As a Senior Kernel Engineer, your primary responsibility will be collaborating with other team members on our high-performance filesystem solution and releasing our kernel driver, which is written in C on top of Linux, as part of the filesystem product;
  • The kernel-based filesystem driver provides file access and logic to filesystems and the ability to connect clients to the cluster. This enables the system to provide applications with local filesystem semantics and performance while providing centrally-managed, shareable, and resilient storage;
  • Our entire kernel team proudly delivers high-quality kernel drivers and you will have the opportunity to quickly become an integral contributor.

As a Senior Kernel Engineer, you’ll:

  • Design and develop core product features in a complex software system with a focus on Linux kernel and OS infrastructure layers;
  • Provide architectural guidance and fresh ideas in our core kernel driver and related interfaces;
  • Locate performance bottlenecks within Linux and/or its driver or other components, and suggest & implement enhancements to meet target performance goals;
  • Most importantly, assume nothing - constantly revisit how we work and whether our productivity is perfectly tuned.
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