Office Manager
Required Skills
Office Manager: strong
Project Manager: middle

We are looking for a person who will be a Host at our nice Kyiv office, keep a friendly atmosphere with residents, support good and productive relationships with landlord and vendors, and share positive vibes!

About Innovecs

We are a global digital transformation tech company with over a decade of history. Let numbers speak for ourselves: 13 locations on a world map, 60+ projects, and 100+ clients served. You will be able to work with us in Fintech, Healthtech, Supply Chain, Logistics, High Tech, Trading and Banking, Warehouse Management and Automation, Blockchain, Data, and AI from our offices worldwide or remotely. Based on our policies, we work as solid vendors representing only the final result. Individually, we may be engineers, testers, designers, product managers, and more. But together, we're one team. Due to our flat structure, you can bring your ideas and approaches to life and figure out all your objectives within the team or even become a part of the core team because, for us, people are always above all.

Our value to you:

  • Competitive compensation;
  • Complete Hardware/Software setup – anything you need for work;
  • Open-door culture, transparent communication, and top management at a handshake distance;
  • Health insurance, vacation, sick leaves, holidays, paid maternity/paternity leave;
  • Access to our learning & development center: workshops, webinars, training platform, and edutainment events;
  • Virtual team buildings and social activities to celebrate the Innovecs lifestyle.

  • Strong planning, organizational and negotiation skills;
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite;
  • Management and leadership skills;
  • Highly organized and detail-oriented;
  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills;
  • Good at English.

Facility management direction:

  • Create the standard what Innovecs office guidelines mean;
  • Implement all key elements in all Innovecs offices;
  • Keep the office and all premises in ready-to-use conditions all the time;
  • Manage the relationships with the landlord regarding the office facilities, conditions of elements and devices, and level of clearness in the common area;
  • Manage the contractual obligations, receiving the supporting documents on time;
  • Manage the cleaning processes to have an appropriate schedule of cleaning procedures and availability of personnel;
  • Be aware and involved in any office events and activities, providing full supervision and support. In case of collaboration with external people to provide the instructions of using, renting and responsibilities of them;
  • Create the performance metrics and measure the actual quality of people's job, in case of deviation to set 1:1 to improve the performance;
  • Plan and provide inventory management annually;
  • Analyze the office premises market and provide the opinion on how good the price per value is balanced for the Company;
  • Keep the high satisfaction rate of office services and comfort.

Customer care direction:

  • Manage the contract with gift suppliers;
  • Process the request of price and delivery terms calculation within SLA (3 days);
  • Establish the standard process of gift ordering and distribution;
  • Keep the high satisfaction rate.

Travel support:

  • Support/replace Travel specialist while her absence and provide initial search for tickets/accommodation/etc. on request.

Anniversary greeting arrangement:

  • Plan and organize the greetings for team members anniversary/birthdays/etc.
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