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Ihor Kanivets
Advanced DevOps

Although I work remotely, I do not feel distant from the team or the company. I am constantly invited to corporate events. Two hours before the project presentation I was working on, the delivery guy brought me a parcel with four small cocktails and a branded glass. Such wonderful initiatives erase the distances.

Olena Ratova
Project Coordinator

Innovecs provides the opportunity to change profession or position within the company. Each team member receives support from colleagues and career advice. My Innovecs journey began in 2019 as a Travel Manager. Later I was offered to become a Project Coordinator, and since the beginning of 2021, I have been working as a Project Manager. It is nice to have the opportunity to try new roles, learn and grow professionally. The company constantly conducts courses and workshops. A Promotion Plan is developed for each employee for six months, which makes it clear what knowledge and skills need to be improved for further professional and career growth.

Rahman Mustafayev
Full-Stack Software Engineer

I enjoy the friendly atmosphere you feel from day one in the company. My colleagues helped me to adapt faster not only to the new work environment but also to the new culture. Even though I relocated to another country, I felt at home. My teammates and manager advised locations and activities, always supported me when something unpredictable happened, and always gave comprehensive answers to questions.

Ihor Pavlenko
Software Engineer

I myself learn through teaching trainee engineers. To some extent, mentoring helps to preserve and deepen the acquired knowledge, as well as helps to hone communication skills and the ability to find common ground, which is crucial in teamwork. The role of a mentor teaches me communication and management.

Andrii Bosak
Technical Support Specialist

Innovecs understands the value of work/life balance. The company has comfortable working conditions, you can try new activities: find a hobby thanks to InnoClub and have fun with colleagues. For example, share your thoughts on industry trends while playing tennis.

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