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    Interview Process
    HR call to evaluate the candidate's competencies and experience and discuss the project value and future responsibilities.
    Candidate's CV review by the client or the project manager, and pre-screening by a tech specialist.
    Technical interview to assess professional skills.
    Offer decision.
    Interview with the client.
    Completing a test task (optional, depends on the type of project)

    Our benefits

    Join Innovecs and fill your life with positive vibes that motivate and inspire. We will make your presence here as comfortable as possible.
    Paid vacation and sick leave
    We have medical insurance and regular doctor visits to the office
    We have regular English classes with native speakers in the office
    Employee referral program
    Comfortable video gaming rooms with VR, kicker, and ping-pong
    Free breakfasts and healthy food in the office
    Regular meditation classes and meetings with lifestyle coaches
    24x7 Gym, personal fitness coach, and massages in the office

    Our WOW Program

    At Innovecs, we have a WOW program aimed at improving employees' physical and mental health, and as a result, boosting involvement in the company's life.

    The program consists of five parts: WOW Food, WOW Mind, WOW Fun, WOW Sport, and WOW Health.

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